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Thinking together (donation)
Just a small little thing for usual donations. I give shorter-than-short stories in exchange, or a good talk about what you wish, or maybe a smile or something you wish to. :3
2 euro per writing in the white zone, +0,5-1 for gray zone and twice the price for black zone topics.
4 euro for a drawing, +0,5-1 for gray zone and +2 for black zone topics.
Gif picture
5 euro and your patience. Price may range on the amount of details.
Coding help, HTML, PHP
Coding help between 1-10 euros, depending on how hard is the issue. 0 if I can not help at all.

Newest Deviations

Commission information and the Big News!
Fundraiser once again!Hi everyone! I started my fundraiser once again, hoping it will work out! CHeck out the link below, please share it with people and I hope it will work!
---HTML, Java and ActionScript coding---
I know a bit of this and that in coding - HTML pages, Java codes and ActionScript for flash, these I can help you with! I am happy to help you with the coding part of each. :3
Would you be interested in any of these? Do you think these could help us? Then please comment and I'll try my best!
Funds: ~1.700 euro.
Goal: 25.000 euro.
Deficit: ~23.300
Progress: psychologist and medical informations
0 years of mtf transformation
Time set till my goal: 3 years (2018. Sept - my 30th birthday)
Probable expenses coming: ~500-1000 euro for university
Greetings all! I decided, worked hard and from now on,

Last journal:
wallpart.comI just saw and tested that the webpage puts on pictures for sale from people like you around... WIthout permission. :iconDriptyr:, :iconGeorgieGanarf:, :iconMCMXC2: and many more of my friends were found there.
Anyone wishing to come with me and at least ask for our share from them?

1. Ok so first things first, are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Good witch. Albeit, well... More like neutral.

2. What color of magic do you practice? (White, Grey, Dark, Black)
Yellow! No, it is pretty hard to say. Let's go with white and grey.

3. Were you born a witch or were you converted?
I am a cat. Magic is in my veins, but I rarely use it.

4. How many digits are in your age?

5. Do you keep your powers a secret?
Yes. People are very unpredictable, but I keep some flashy ones ready.

6. Do you regularly attend a Sabbath and if so what do you do there?
It is more like a club I'd attend, really, with tea and biscuits and such. Talking with fellow witches like Meep (:icongeorgieganarf:'s character!), :iconnezumiyuki: and maybe one or two more?

7. Can you write in Theban?
...A what?

8. Do you live in a gingerbread house?
No. That would be silly.

9. Do you have a familiar? If so, then what is it?
Ummm, I am my own familiar, pretty much.

10. What was your Alma-matter? If you say Hogwarts, kindly tell the rest of the class which house were you sorted into?
I am a self-taught witch. :3

11. Do you ride a broom and if so how good are you riding it?
No, because I prefer the comfort of a car or the mobility of myself; if flying is required, I'll go with some airline rather.

12. Have you ever been accused of being a witch?
...I am a cat.

13. Have you ever been to Salem, Massachusetts?

14. What are your overall thoughts on children? Do you think they are tolerable or that they taste great with ketchup?
I do not tolerate them too well, but I am not Baba Yaga.

15. Have you ever had sexual relations with the Devil or one of his demonic contemporaries?
I don't believe in them. Also, I got different tastes. :D

16. Have you ever used your magic to make someone’s genitals shrink and/or disappear?
I do it with their ego and their, well, sexual mood.

17. Have you ever cursed someone?
Depends. Cursing as words or cursing as actual curse?

18. Have you ever turned someone into a newt?

19. Do you weigh the same as a duck?
...Errr... It is not polite to ask a lady's weight!

20. How good are you at solving math problems?
I can pass some exams!

21. Do you know anything about 18 people who were locked away in a world between fantasy and reality on October 4th 1986?
Nothing. I was probably in (one of) the Other World(s) then.

22. Where is your Devil’s Mark?
... I got none like that.

23. What are you currently brewing in your cauldron?
Warm milk. On a hot plate. I am a modern cat-witch. :3

24. What are your favorite ingredients for brewing and what not?
Favourite: anything easily found or bought.
Not favourite: anything that isn't easy or ethical to get.

25. What are your favorite type(s) of spells?
I prefer healing and utility spells like "what broke" and "where did I left this" spells.

26. Have you ever written a grimoire?
Yes, but it is more like notes bundled so far. The illustrations are also very... Unprofessional.

27. Have you ever been offended by someone referring to you in a negative stereotype? (Exp. assuming that all witches are old and ugly etc.)
Yes. Even positive stereotypes can be annoying a lot.

28. What are you going to give out to trick-or-treaters this year?
It is not a custom in my country, but I'd give snacks.

29. So in your own words, what is the best part of being a witch?
I am in for the fun and the company. :3

30. Now in all seriousness, are you actually a Wiccan/Neo-Pagan?
Nope. :3

31. What are your favorite depictions of witches in media? (Movies, TV, etc)
I prefer Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld witches the most, followed by mythological (mostly Celtic and Norse) depictions of cats (what a surprise, right?); the normal, not the fear-mongering variants.
  • Listening to: my heartbeat
  • Reading: Discworld novels
  • Watching: tempus fugit
  • Playing: Starbound, Warframe, Fallout New Vegas


Letrune Inedil
Picture made by :iconarthurt2015:. Thanks Artie! :)

About myself:
-I love dreaming, by itself and for the friends of mine. :)
-I am slow in my art, but when I do something, my whole heart is in it! Oh wait, that is just graphite. Well, nothing. :)
-I wish to be perfectly female, as currently, I am only a transgender person yet. I'd love to reach my dreamt state very soon and try what I can.

My chatroom, if you wish to find me... Perhaps. Sometimes. Note me when you are on. :D…

My good friends on deviantart (alphabetical listing):
:iconarthurt2015: - beloved chatmate
:iconblithemagic: - good friend
:icondriphtyr: - adopted brother
:iconfoxpeels: - adopted brother
:icongeorgieganarf: - inspiring friend and my ideal
:iconmcmxc2: - beloved chatmate
:iconsoniastrummfan217: - nice and cute friend
:icontbolt: - inspiring friend and my ideal
:iconthenaughtyscotsman: - fellow chatmate

Current Residence: Far from planet Earth

I am on FurAffinity now as well! :3


City of the Above sketch by Jowybean

First of all: I am afraid of horses. I am terrified by them... So, there is a brand new hole in the picture for me, so I can concentrat...

Good Evening! (Raffle Prize Picture) by Anonymouse-Skylark

Well drawn and nicely design. I did not put on a lot for originality, because, even while it is a very well done and nicely drew pictur...

Tuxedo Mask Cosplay by Mikey186

I confess I found the original, drawn Tuxedo Mask a bit plain (because he had only an eye-mask. Seriously, it does not works in the 20t...

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