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Dear everyone!
I mustered up my courage, and started - and failed - a fundraiser for my goal to be a female at least in a few years!
Link unavailable. I can not make it together... So... Forget the fundraiser please.

Please, if you can not help, then at least try to raise some awareness please... I wish to be female before I am 30. Thank you for all your help. :3


Greetings all! I decided, worked hard and from now on, I can say I accept commissions and donations!
They are for a good cause: to help me be a normal female instead of a transsexual person. So, if you can, please, help me! Read more info here:…

My prices having a minimum from the start, and I do need your patience: I am in university and doing many homework, so I am pretty slow on doing art. Stories go faster than drawing, also worth noting.
Starting prices:
Story: 2 euros
Drawing: 4 euros
Flash image/gif: 5 euros
All prices are the minimum wages, the price changes on how detailed and complex the thing you ask, and the time changes how I got time and how my muse is; I am able to be negotiated, of course.
So I do require a LOT of patience, please, be calm and patient, I am trying my best!

What I like to do the most:
-Cats; actual felines, anthropomorphic and human-like catgirls/catboys. I most prefer my own mixture of human-like and feline, but I am able to change between these.
-Cars, realistic, cartoony or in-between
-Scenery, either nature or architecture
-Romantic themes

What I am NOT doing:
-Sexual themes
-Visual gore and blood

The grey territory: Things I might do, if I am given the muse or a good suggestion to do them.
-Anything that visually explicit - I believe your imagination will do a LOT better than I ever could.
-Photorealism/hyperrealism - I may attempt it but it can be hard.
-Animals other than felines - I can not be sure how well I'll do them.
-Certain fandoms - because the "bandwagoning" is boring; I do enjoy a few fictional worlds, but I am not feeling I could do anything special, new or interesting.

If a donater decides that s/he wishes something, I am happy to:
-put their names here
-provide stories and drawings with a little more complex for their prices
-offer something special after each and every milestone crossed!

Works for sale:
There are some drawings done by a lovely friend of mine, :iconcoldtimeify:, whom decided to lend a hand to reach my dream. All of these drawings are inspired by my stories and Elaie and are for sale! The pictures are in png format so they can be recoloured in paint and I can commission you a story for them. If you pray over them, I am happy to count them toward a commission of yours, or write up as donations, and in either way, I am happy and my gratitude will be yours.

These images are not to be redistributed, please!
My friend offered these to help fund my dream, so please honour that.

Previews and prices:
Previews are downsized to their 5% sizes. Many details are hard to seen in these downsized pictures.
3 euro - red car with flats. Actual size: 1416 x 1004

8 euro/one, 9 euro for two versions - one without "movement lines", one with them. Actual size: 2234 x 1154

8 euro/one, 9 euro for two versions - one blue and one red car. Actual size: 2234 x 1154

11 euro/one, 15 euro for two versions - one with inflated tires, one with flat tires. Actual size: 3080 x 1567

12 euro - My drawing coloured. Actual size: 900 x 711

13 euro - Old clunker struggles. Actual size: 2728 x x1300

18 euro - Elaie gets fixed Actual size: 3736 x 1916

25 euro/one, 30 for all six versions - Problematic ride from front. Actual size: 4495 x 2528

30 euro - Problematic ride from side. Actual size: 3106 x 1550

40 euro - Problematic ride in traffic. Actual size: 6168 x 2448

Paypal is provided by a lovely friend of mine! Please put into the message the word "Letrune", for my friend to know why you sent it. We can not offer refund, due it will take a little part off your spending.
Paypal ID is sent in a private message, due request! THIS IS PRIVATE!
Please, only interested people!

=¤=¤=¤=WORK IN PROGRESS=¤=¤=¤=
-The Catillac cats for :iconspacewolfomega:. - on hold
-Primordial ocean with some trilobites for :icontheubbergeek2: - on hold - stuck with technical details
-:iconnezumiyuki:'s drawing - sketching
-As well as one for :iconnbbowler: too - on hold

-Cutenesses for :iconsoniastrummfan217: - writing
-Elaie reference sheet - concept on work

Coming soon:
-Pole positioning - on hold - no idea how to go on yet


Letrune Inedil
Picture made by :iconarthurt2013:. Thanks Artie! :)

About myself:
-I love dreaming, by itself and for the friends of mine. :)
-I am slow in my art, but when I do something, my whole heart is in it! Oh wait, that is just graphite. Well, nothing. :)
-I wish to be perfectly female, as currently, I am only a transgender person yet. I'd love to reach my dreamt state very soon and try what I can.

My chatroom, if you wish to find me... Perhaps. Sometimes. Note me when you are on. :D…

My good friends on deviantart (alphabetical listing):
:iconarthurt2013: - beloved chatmate
:iconblithemagic: - good friend
:icondriphtyr: - adopted brother
:iconfoxpeels: - adopted brother
:icongeorgieganarf: - inspiring friend and my ideal
:iconmcmxc2: - beloved chatmate
:iconsoniastrummfan217: - nice and cute friend
:icontbolt: - inspiring friend and my ideal
:iconthenaughtyscotsman: - fellow chatmate

Current Residence: Far from planet Earth

I am on FurAffinity now as well! :3


It is about... Ummm... Ten minutes since the police arrived at the scene and about a hour since the investigations started. The chief gone for the kitchen and I am not having a paw into going to the lobby. I read just enough import crime novels to know how it goes. In fact, I played twice the actual criminal to know that going to the place where a crime were committed is a bad idea if the police is present!
Okay, I get ahead of myself. Those who are reading this at home, I am Letrune Inedil, feline actress, talentless writer of the month and irregular stealthily party visitor for the Sidekicks show. I am currently in the Elwood Hotel room 312, literally the closest one I could get to my lucky number 13, since this building conveniently has no 13th rooms, doors or even stairsteps. Pretty annoying in my opinion when you got a lot of rooms, but hey, it wasn’t I who built it! Okay, MAYBE I got a bit in painting it in your mind now but that is not my crime, you read what I wrote.
Anyway, I am very probably suspected. I am not knowing the policemen so far but they will sure drop for a visit, and I am not really happy. I got things on my heart… Envy, and we all know what it makes people, be feline or not, to do. All those shows and dresses they got, of course I adore them. Rosey too, even if she is… Sized to my proportions. But I do envy her stuff! Even the fact she does... Did? Not needs a corset to look like she has more meat and muscle on than actually having.

Ah, knocking. Let’s put on the best acting I ever did: myself.

Two police investigators entered… One is, um… Barepaw? Feet! Barefeet. (These human words…) Female, barefeeted, and having a pretty nice uniform. The other is a man with, errr, a “beard” I guess?
-Good day, officers. Ms. Inedil at your service. - I said, with a gentle little bow given to them. Wearing my pink, plain and long dress, I like to think of it as an non-formal elegant bow.
-Hi. I'm officer Daisy and he’s Matt.
-Officer Matt. - ha said.
-Right. We got a lot of questions for you, so... Ehm, you are a cat.
-Yes, but that was not a question, right?
-We ask the questions. - Matt interjected, starting to examine the room with a flashlight. I must add that it was broad daylight by that second.
-Pardon. So, what was the question? - I asked, tail swinging happily.
-I said… - Matt said again and Daisy facepalmed.
-Okay, sorry! So, can we start?
-Can you two please stop! - she said, then pulled a chair and sat down. -So, you are…?
-Letrune Inedil, actress and guest.
-See, there we go. Matt, would you stop shining that light on her?
-It is okay, I got used to bigger ones.
-No, don’t sa…
Matt got out a big stagelight and shone it into my face. For a few seconds I seen only one, uniform whiteness, then I turned my head away, to see half of whiteness and some red-orange mixture on the other half.
-Turn of that light, Matt. She can not see anything.
-Better that way, isn’t it? We can be totally like a good cop movie investigators!
-Did every cop movie here included giant lights that made others practically blind? - I interjected.
-...Point taken. - Matt turned it off. Then started to look on my baggage on the bed. - What is in that?
-My stuff.
-What stuff?
-Stuff. Like… Fur-dye, a comb, bows, some clothing, such.
-Mind if we take a look? - Daisy asked, while writing what I said in a notebook.
-No. Yes! I would mind… I got some more private things in it.
Matt smiled, but then went to the closet. Sighing, I put by baggage down on the floor and pushed in under the bed.
-What you did yesterday night? - Daisy continued.
-I was sick on the airplane.
-Airplane? You had to take an airplane?
-Yes, I live abroad.
-Where exactly?
I meowed the answer to which she looked with so big eyes I almost felt totally envious of the feat. Turned out it is for surprize.
-I didn’t get it.
-Maybe I got no good word for it then… Sorry.
-Why are you here exactly?
-I am an actress, I was supposed to do an act or two between party topping events, and just having fun at the meeting.
-Had you known the victim?
-...Just a bit. - I confessed. - She always got those lovely shoes and nice poses with cars. I really envied her also for keeping her shape, no matter what.
They both looked a bit strangely.
-...Okay… We don’t have any mo-MATT!
I turned, and noticed Matt holding my luggage in his arms, and popping it open. I took a step behind Daisy… Then, as the bag opened, a full pink dress with multiple white underskirts bursted out, taking more place than the baggage had at all.
-Pretty sad, I spent hours forcing it inside that luggage… Now I’ll have to spend a few more hours… - I said, sad over the fact that it will be another three hours, some jumping and a little mrowring to make.
-...Sorry. I am going then. - Matt said, and in a blink, were gone from sight. Daisy held her face, concealed by the notepad.
-I’d like to ask you not to leave the hotel without telling. We go to do some more investigations.
-All right… - I said, trying to put my dress back into the luggage. - Good luck with it.

I wasn’t really planning on leaving the place, but I had to find out three things that made me having no mood to remain.
1. Party is over, even while I wear my best gown (failing to use the luggage to contain it again).
2. I am hungry.
3. There might be someone whom would try and harm me.
So… I got ready, packed and moved out of my room as silently as I could. It is hard to go tiptoeing on high heels, but I did my best! When I was at the corner, I thought on something: maybe, just maybe, I’d need to remain in my room instead of going away with luggage in handpaws and sneaking like some thief or similar…
...But maybe I should do it, because those policemen didn’t seemed to be the brightest bulbs around, and I like to remember only eight other lives, thank you very much.

Interestingly, I didn’t met anyone during the way to the garage, where I put my things into my car and were ready to leave when I remembered that I said I’ll tell I am going. Also, I got the room booked… So, I turned around and went up to the reception. Nobody again. Shrugging as much as I could do without those shoulder bones that makes it an actual shrug as people call it, I hopped over the desk.
-Welcome miss, may I help? - I said in a false male voice. I hopped back to where I was.
-Yes please, I got to leave, so, room room 312 is free now!
-That is great! - I said to myself. - Hope you had a nice time and that isn’t connected anyhow to the fact that there is a potentially dangerous person in the hotel.
-Oh, no. Also, can you lend me some paper and a pen please?
-Here you go!
I wrote up my farewell-letter and started to go back to the elevator, when it gone “ding!” and started to open. I can not tell why, but I decided to stand aside and act that I am incredibly curious about a potted plant… And saw only one person in the elevator. So, I started to walk to the stairs. Whoever it was, my steps were doubled and echoed after me without going further… So I moved to the first door, that led me to the stairs. Holding my skirts up, I started going down, and heard that the door opens just as I start going down… So I made my steps faster.
He or she, for the sake of simplicity, he, started to follow me faster as well.
I gone into the first door I could, on the first garage level, while I parked on the second. Knowing that I am not so fast, by high heels, I started to jog to the elevator, pressed it and looked on the door… Ding! The elevator opened just when my chaser opened the door, so I hopped in and closed the door. Luckily, none of my skirts got stuck, since that would have been pretty bad and cliché.
I just pressed a random button, and didn’t even counted on which it is, when I stepped out, going toward the stairs… And another ding I could hear behind me… Turning, I noticed that the other elevator were coming up to the fifth floor… And I was on the seventh. Feeling that weird feeling, I ran to the first corridor to my left, then to the first corridor to the right.
Every corridor looked the same, with wood panels on the walls, red carpet on the floor, and that eerie feeling that they go in a maze and you are followed by a camera crew from behind.

I spent a few minutes of walking when suddenly, I found myself head to head with someone, wearing a dark cowl, dark clothings from head to toe, a dark fedora, dark coat, dark cloak and even a dark dagger in hand. Either a dagger or a rather dark banana. Being afraid, I took a step back and he took a step toward me.

(Obligatory cliffhanger until I manage to finish the plot in my head then write it down!)
A Deadly Case of the Hives Jam entry WIP v0.1
This is a sort-of work-in-progress preview of my entry for the jam by :iconagentc-24:! ...Given my time is a mess and I may not be able to finish the story by the time the jam is over, I decided to put it up! So far, it isn't quite that good in anything, but I believe the basics can be read easily. :3

A Deadly Case of the Hives Jam, characters Daisy and Matt and basic premise is (c) by :iconagentc-24:
Letrune is me. Naturally. (Vain little kitten...)

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